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Bouncer Services

Bouncer Services

Due to this competitive/insecure world, everyone needs their safety, Ganpati Royal Security Service provides safety in the form of personal security guard/ bouncer. we provide trained, educated and certified licensed bouncers for

  • Restro-bars
  • Pubs
  • Nightclubs
  • Hotels
  • and Campus.

Our bouncers will keep your venues free from arguments, misbehave with girls, group's fights, etc where the crowd is more like in discs and where alcohol consumption takes place like in bars, discs, pubs, restro-bars, etc.

Our bouncers will keep your venues free from arguments, misbehaviors, fights with guests, where guest's appearances can be possible in the form of actress/actor, singer, artist, modals at any Special event, concert, high profile's marriage & campus fest.

We provides ,trustworthy and experienced Bodyguard Bouncers in Delhi-NCR for :

  • Events
  • Parties
  • Marriages
  • Night Clubs
  • Residential Area Patrolling
  • Personal Security
  • Personal events & parties
  • Bars, Pubs and Restaurants
  • Corporates Events
  • Transit Requirement
  • Late Night Parties
  • Night Women Protection
  • Late Night Security Drop
  • Night Airport Pickup/Drop
  • Threat Protection during travel
  • Farmhouse Parties
  • Valuables and Money Transfer
  • Gate Protection
  • Important Dispute Settlement Protection
  • Confidential Meetings
  • Religious Gatherings
  • Elections
  • Countryside marriages, events
  • Bouncers for Debt Collection using legal routes
  • Special Protection for Parents / Old Age members
  • Ground/Property/protection
  • Valuable Goods / Jewellery transfer
  • Hospitals – Specialized protection to protect Doctors and Staff
  • Party Hall Protection
  • Bouncers for Gym
  • Factory Gate Security Management
  • Factory Labour Security Management
  • Child Protection management with Educated Bouncers incl Female Bouncers
  • Product Launch – Mobile Phone, Technology Brands, Celebrity Event launches

We can provide Bouncers for 24-hour duty with 12-hour shifts.

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